Words by Matilda Barker-Hall 

Rating: 8/10

Elik Eddy (drums), Zach Atkins (guitar), Finlay Vanheron (bass) and Arthur Pendry (vocals and guitar) all members of FacePaint have been breezing through Cornwalls music scene, gaining more and more attention with each performance. ‘Bomb’ their recent EP unmasks the bands ability to produce quality music of a variety of genres. Compared to their last EP, ’Do It Yourself’, which took a punky heavier tone, this EP provides a more indie look into the bands talent. In that comparison it promotes their extensive amount of skill that they have to please different genres. 

‘BOMB’ opens the EP with a teasing kind of tone that implies the party has only just started, bringing a clean explosive start. Short but sweet it splits the song with two different tempos, a slower start broken into a faster second half. This contrasts with their song ‘Inside’ from their previous EP that transitions from a strong tempo to more mellow slowed tempo. This is then followed by their most popular single ‘BLUE’, that the world was treated to in early february. The track compiles Arthur Pendry’s emotive heartfelt vocals with a smiling guitar melody and surf like mood, leaving you ready to welcome the final track ‘DANCE’. This track comfortably holds you to take a moment and just listen, with its introduction of other instruments like piano and a liberating beat from the combined drums and guitar you can just simply give yourself over to the music. Though it takes an indie Libertines like temperature it combines this with their punkier roots, points at which you get a sense of release. The track closes with the vocals turning into spoken word that is executed cleanly and arguably makes the track the best on the EP. The lads exclaim that “bigger and better things are on the way very soon” which is very exciting.

Overall, this EP exhibits not only an indie side to the band but also promotes optimistic summery vibes that everyone needs to hear in these strange times. 

Listen to ‘Bomb’ here:

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