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The sprawling 10-piece collective, Fake Turins, are masters of disco-punk tracks that immerse the listener in poetry-driven lyricism, that combined with expertly produced audio-visuals make for a multi-sensory journey of divine pleasure.

This big band spectacle is a North-London-based wonder that came to light in 2020 after releasing a string of singles in 2019, followed by being longlisted for Glastonbury’s ‘Emerging Talent’ competition – and God knows we’re all the better for it.

Filled with glitzy electronic infusions and accompanying mesmerising visuals, Fake Turins are on a whole other level, and a definite force to be reckoned with. With their masterful art of genre-bending sonic creations, their audiences are left in a stunned psychedelia-filled daze of wonder and contentment.

Speaking on the new single, vocalist Dominic Rose divulges:

“The only way to inform the past and future is by exploring the present, which is something that stays true to our project manifesto. How we design our present informs how we carry ourselves forward. If we don’t make-believe today, then we lose our dreams tomorrow.”

‘Evergrown’ is a track detailing self-introspection and one’s potential in life, through orchestral flourishes and hypnotic drumbeats. Unique vocals add texture to deep and reflective lyrics leading to a dream-like quality of grandiose ambiance.

The self-proclaimed psychedelic interlopers are masters of creating sonically intriguing tracks, divulging into divine themes, all the while maintaining their signature groove topped by warbling vocals. Their masterful manipulation of sound and vision cement them as one of the best up-and-coming multi-disciplinary acts. Incomparable and beautifully unparalleled, Fake Turins are not to be easily overlooked.

Listen/watch ‘Evergrown’ here:

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