Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Scruff of the Neck Records

‘Sick Moon’ is the second album by Essex trio False Heads and it’s a monster. ‘Day Glow’ starts with a buoyant indie riff and gang vocals that seem to build like a storm brewing. That storm hits when the chorus barrels in with the force of a bulldozer. For a three piece, the sheer weight of the music is surprising and the way that False Heads can mix it up with indie pop in the verse is just wonderful.

That weight is carried through the album and is evident in the beginning of ‘Mime the End’ with the gargantuan guitar hitting hard. ‘Thousand Cuts’ leans more towards grunge, sounding like The Vines with sprinkles of Muse in those heavy riffs that are likely to get a mosh pit caving in the floor with their bouncing.

Throughout ‘Sick Moon’, False Heads prove that they’re not only about the heavy riffs by threading through pop melodies and indie sensibilities to make an album that is not only speaker breaking but also has beauty to it.

‘Thick Skin’ is a good example of this with the pop indie verse and vocal harmonies give way to a trashy grunge chorus with a bouncing indie section dancing in to further give a reason for a live crowd to get sweaty.

‘Sick Moon’ seems to hark back to those post rock days of bands such as Rival Schools that managed to blend heaviness and pop seamlessly but ‘Sick Moon’ is very much a badge of identity for False Heads rather than a copy of those before them. Not only is ‘Sick Moon’ best enjoyed at full volume but you can’t help but get that live energy through the speakers that makes them a name to add to your “must see live” list.