It’s easy to imagine that Far West hails from the sunshine drenched coast of Santa Cruz, California, thanks to the warmth and glow his music carries. Particularly his most recent release ‘Make It Up’, which is destined for summer playlist positions.

Far West, or Ryan to his friends recorded the track in his garage at home (in Santa Cruz), and more impressively played all the instruments on this track. It’s very much a DIY release that has Ryan’s fingerprints all over it.

The track is an up-beat, positive filled indie dance track that is driven forward by emotive vocals and a sturdy rhythm section. This is served with sprinkles of brass and vocal harmonies that interject throughout the tracks 4 minute runtime. ‘Make It Up’ is an essential summer track that beaming with optimism from beginning to end, inviting the listener brush off the negativity and embrace the good in life.

As Ryan (Far West) explains of the track: “This song is nostalgic, poppy, and youthful and written about trying to forget the bad and relishing in the good.”

Listen to ‘Make It Up’ here:

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