By Kieran Webber

Fat Trout Trailer Park recently emerged into the Brooklyn scene after moving from Belgium. Originally from a strict conservative religious background he is now flying free through the streets of New York City.

The debut single ‘Fatberg’ is a barrage of wonky garage rock. Filled with reverb drenched vocals and janky guitars. It’s an off kilter look into a saturated genre, making his music a familiar yet refreshing.

Speaking on the track Sean Raab (Fat Trout Trailer Park) said: ‘”Fatberg” is a call for unity to all those affected by the oppression of the rich. Those who sleep on the street, to those who barely make ends meet, to those imprisoned by the Orwellian takeover of the once-free internet. Even, more the song circles around the devastating environmental impact of this oppression.”

Listen to ‘Fatberg’ here:

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