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Scotland art-funk rockers Fauves are back and better than ever with their latest sonic feat ‘Faded’.

Formed in 2017, the six-piece rock spectacle are known for creating captivating cuts that utilise wild instrumentation in the most outstanding fashion. With their name inspired by the concept of Fauvism, the band encapsulate their artistic influences through the use of bold colours and funky representation in their single covers.

Having previously gained acclaim on their previous releases ‘F’ and ‘Wither Away’, the band have set the bar high for their audience.

Listen to ‘F’ here:

Featuring lush vocals and slick transitions, the band’s latest offering does not disappoint. Complete with jangly guitar rhythms and groovy bassline, ‘Faded’ is a genre-defying pop splendour that captures and intoxicates. Blossoms-esque and totally hypnotic, their unique sound sets them apart and is sure to aid in their climb through the indie rock ranks.

Speaking on the track, the band lent insight, “Faded is our soundtrack to a night out, the turbulent highs and lows we all feel on a mad one with our friends and loved ones. Waiting for your plug, the embrace of your partner, dancing like you’re possessed, losing your inhibitions, and inevitably crashing and burning – but we do it all again. It’s about the journey, baby.”

Watch the video here:

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