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Words and Photos by Kieran Webber

To say The Watering Hole has had an epic lineup this summer would be an understatement, so far we have seen the national treasure Tom Jones serenade us with his soulful voice and Seasick Steve bring us his gritty country rock. However, more recently we had one of the UK’s most successful grunge-rock bands Feeder.

By KB Photography 

Although the band have had a shaky past and big gaps between releases their show at Perranporth proved that they still have an incredibly loyal fan base that are committed to watching the band perform their classics such as ‘Buck Rogers’, ‘High’ and ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ (just to mention a few). The band played songs from their large discography and truly it was a pleasure to behold, especially as Feeder were the first proper band I went to see. For me it was an almost nostalgic adventure, I had gone from being 15 years old and watching them at the back of Boardmasters Festival to photographing them in the press pit.

By KB Photography 

Feeder may not be as relevant as they once were and they may never hit the same success as they did a decade ago but they are still a real force to be reckoned with. As a band they are a beautiful wall of sound that is incredibly tight and watching them play live is still as a good experiance as it was those years ago. They are an incredibly humble band who cherished every scream, every shout and cheer they got and it was overwhelmingly evident that they were loving every second. The audience too were wide eyed towards the band and waited on every note that the band delivered. It was a fantastic night and was great to see a band that I adored during my teenage years still bring the thunder to their live performances.

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