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By Rosie Enfield

It’s been over a week since the festival and getting back to Cornwall on Sunday I’ve only just had the chance to reflect on how amazing this year’s Field Day was. We had rain, sun, more rain, swamps, and even a rainbow over the main stage during The Jonestown Massacre, just to emphasise it’s magic.

My favourite stage this year had to be The Fader, tucked away in one corner out of sight and completely disappearing on the Sunday. I saw my first two favourite acts of the weekend here.

Little Simz


Firstly I have to admit I had only listened to a couple of her tracks playing as background in my bedroom and had not truly appreciated how talented and empowering this yung King is. I was blown away with how emotive and powerful her performance was. Her strength spat in endless bars telling her story (no our story) of growing up through being pushed down by capitalist society. Her ability to pull in a crowd was overwhelming, especially with her final track “dead body” which she restarted twice until she was sure she had us all pumped up. But she had me from the beginning.

Loyle Carner


Next up is Loyle Carner. Again an incredibly young talent knitting together raw truths, loves and losses, in beautiful poetry against slick nostalgic beats. I had been waiting to see this guy for months, his ep a little too late being one of my most played on YouTube. I admire his ability to tell his story of emotions so poetically and with such maturity.

Both these young acts being so humble, real and relatable were complete crowd pleasers, the energy was so high and pure through the rain and shine. The crowd gave all they gave right back until everybody’s hands were in the air and feet coming off the ground. Two massively inspirational people to me currently.

James Blake


Predictably, headlining the Saturday night, James Blake melted everyone into a mess of pure pleasure. How does that man’s voice do these things to a girl? His new album “The Colour in Anything” was clearly written to be played on main stages all year long. The album suddenly made sense to me. The track “Timeless”, which initially annoyed the hell out of me, couldn’t get enough of. That high pitched jingling drone I’d described to a friend as a “submarine calling” had me never wanting to surface.

The second day of the festival I had a much less strict itinerary. Sunday had a much more chilled, psychedelic stoner vibe I was happy to embrace.



I’m going to give a mention to Tourist who was a surprise favourite of the weekend. A pal and I were drawn in to the tent through pure bass alone, separating from the rest of our group to have a good stomp. Tourists upbeat dance beats and tropical vibes pulled in a good crowd of people and was just what everyone needed at 3pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Shout out!



This band had me pulling moves I don’t usually get to practice. From the Bollywood hand and hip shakes to “praise the Lord” arms thrown in the air. This band were such a highlight I’ve already bought tickets to see them again in a church in Brighton! (The perfect setting for there shamanic white outfits and colourful masks). Their performance was mesmerising, From the outfits to the drum beats and guitar riffs, I can honestly say I’d never seen a band like them.

This was my first field day in three years after going pretty much every year from the age of 18 to 21, and I’ve fallen in love all over again. I was left smiling with heart-shaped eyes.