As they experiment with new sounds and new ways of life in the lyricism, First Day of Spring are bringing something unique to the music world.

Welcome to the wonderful world of First Day of Spring. It’s a good time to be had. It’s a place where dream pop is combined with emotional and passionate lyricism that breaks barriers. The new single, ‘Stupid’, is all about that. It’s about breaking the stigma of adult topics within music as the band show off their euphoric and sultry sounds.

The five-piece have a unique way of storytelling while keeping it creative, which is why this is one single and band to keep an eye on. Even though this is their debut single, it’s clear that their aim of emotive songwriting to take the listener to another world is working and needs to be heard in front of the masses.

Stupid’ truly takes you into a new reality and when frontman, Samuel, was speaking on the track, any listener and reader can tell that this is a five-piece to remember. “Stupid is a track attempting to tackle adult topics head-on through music. It is the story from the perspective of a friend watching another friend’s life slowly deteriorate in front of their eyes and in turn, all the challenges and different methodologies are undergone towards trying to understand a once shining and alive human being’s existence. It is all about friendship. All hidden within the confines of a fairly contrasting 4-minute long indie dream-pop aesthetic.

Listen to ‘Stupid‘ now: