Words: Kieran Clark | Header Image: Felix Bartlett

Truro College has been throwing out absolute gems of musicians over the past few years, and Flowers of Palo are no exception. Flowers of Palo’s latest single, ‘Not Long Till New York’, leads us into summer and sunnier times, through melancholic guitar riffs and Emma Chamberlain’s wonderfully refreshing vocals.

The band’s second release shines a light on young love straight from the off, gifting us an insight into the hopeful nature of Chamberlain’s mind, and how she is “Set Free’”. The rhetoric of “trying to figure it out”, is dotted throughout the song, shows the confusion surrounding actions of two persons toward each other, when a love is fresh but you don’t quite know what it is yet. This allows Flowers of Palo to supply a young indie Ballad for the summer ahead, there is a proper festival vibe to the track. With such influences such as Wolf Alice and Shame shining through their writing, Palo have written a song that shows experience far beyond their age.

This song is given the love it requires from all four members, each part is integral to this song. Guitarist Oscar Agliano shines throughout, controlling the songs mood throughout. Bassist Bobs Doughty and drummer Connor Powell, give the perfect bedrock, controlling the flow of the track, allowing Chamberlain and Agliano to use their melodies to set the emotive nature of ‘Not Long Till New York’.

Although fresh, I have no doubt Flowers of Palo will go from strength to strength, with their singles ‘June’ and ‘Not Long Till New York’, a perfect launch pad to spring from. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out live yet, get down to a show ASAP!

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