Photography by Deimante Sprainaityte
Matilda Barker Hall
Matilda Barker Hall

The young gun has grown up in Cornwall and has her finger on the local scenes pulse.

Flowers Of Palo have been at the epicentre of the Cornish music scene for a while now. Formed in 2018, they have curated a sound that is light, refreshing and runs on an indie heartbeat. Emma Chamberlain (vocals and rhythm guitar), Oscar Agliano (lead guitar), Bobs Doughty (bass) and Connor Powell (drums) stormed through both the Cornish gig and festival scene from the get-go. They then went on to treat the listeners of London, being predominantly based there now they operate with their new drummer Josh Wooden. 

Check out the EP here (Above)

Influenced by the likes of Wolf Alice, Mac Demarco and The Smiths, their music is the ultimate indie rock you need in your life. Emma’s heavenly vocals and Oscar’s dreamy melodies combine to dazzle you with the optimism that summer brings, with the flow of the track being carefully carried by Bobs’ bass and Connor’s\Josh’s drums. Who wouldn’t want to miss out on that, right?! All of their current releases (two singles ‘June’ and ‘Not long till New York’ and an EP ‘Well, what job do you want?’) follow their unique sound in individual ways. ‘Not long till new york’, my personal favourite, expresses the utter turmoil of falling in love, through the lyrics “I lose control”, “you’re the one for me” and “maybe now, I’ve figured it out”. Emma reported that the majority of her lyrics are based on love and relationships, topics of which can dominate some people’s lives. Nevertheless, just like any other song their music is open to your own interpretations, guided by their blissful sounds. 

Their presence on the gig scene was undeniably prodigious, leading them to support bigger acts like Babe Rainbow, Milo Gore and Frances Lion. As well as this, the crowds of Boardmasters, Red Fest, and Little Orchard Cider festival were treated to their performances, arguably due to their music being the perfect soundtrack to a festival, with the upbeat and glitter infused sound they create. In a recent conversation they noted that Jacob’s Ladder, Old Bakery Studios and Zafiros had also seen some of their best performances. They are no doubt one to add to your post Covid gig list. 

While we wait for gigs to return, keep an eye out for their upcoming single called ‘Soho Abode’, “it’s a goodun” they stated. 

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