Words by Jeanie Jalier | Header Image by Jan Philipzen 

London based Flyte have dropped their new single ‘I’ve Got A Girl’ with incredible vibes, it has a feeling similar to that of The Beatles and Lou Reed.

Hitting us immediately with their distinctive vocals is front-man Will Taylor, joined by a wonderfully staccato piano, drums and bass, telling us the story of his distraction from the band via his girl. It’s a fairly wild ride and you get hit with not one but two soaring guitar solos that would make George Harrison proud. 

“Where all the other tracks on this record are about a romantic relationship coming to an end, this covers the loss of a creative one. Breaking up with a friend and band member. There’s definitely a bitterness listening back to it, but at its core is the sound of a band completely letting go and having a genuinely cathartic time. We recorded it very late at night and more than a little intoxicated,” says lead singer Will Taylor.

A song that would slot perfectly into The Beatles ‘White album’ and wouldn’t feel out of place for a second. It’s an exciting release that has us excited for what comes next.

Listen to ‘I’ve Got A Girl’ here:

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