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Fontaines D.C. will release their third studio album ‘Skinty Fia’ on April 22nd

The single was accompanied by a brilliant music video directed by Hugh Mulhern. The slightly eerie film has definite references to ‘American Beauty’ as the band perform on a bed of roses. It also features the multidisciplinary artist, MC, dancer and choreographer, Blackhaine.

Watch the music video for ‘Jackie Down The Line’ here:

Fontaine D.C. made their debut performance of ‘Jackie Down The Line on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Performing in an aesthetic that aligns with the music video, Fontaine D.C. really know how to put on an exceptional show.

As for the album, Skinty Fia is an ode to Ireland, where the band originates from. The album title Skinty Fia is an Irish saying meaning “the damnation of a deer”. This translation has been visually portrayed on the album cover which is an image of an uneasy looking deer standing inside the hallway of an old Irish home.

Album art: Fonataines D.C.

What we are expecting to see from Fontaines D.C. in their upcoming album is a much more expansive and cinematic version of where the band is now in their career.

Pre-order Skinty Fia here.

On top of all this, the band will be doing a world tour starting in March this year, with loads of dates in the UK throughout July and August.

Grab your tickets here.

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