By Lewis Edwards 

Shimmering with a truly bittersweet atmosphere which harks back to the golden age of emo and alternative rock, London-based Foundlings find themselves merrilly gliding down memory lane with ‘Caught Up On You’. At just under the three minutes the song is a perfect showcase of the quartet’s concision, and it’s this concision which appears to be absolutely key to the formula laid out by Foundlings.

Drawing clear inspiration from the 80s with its reverb-heavy production, the band combines jangly, etherial guitars with an angular rhythm section and Amber Price’s wistful delivery. Music in this emotive style can be very easy to overdo, but what makes this song work is the maturity displayed throughout; the vocals are mixed with enough subtlety so as to compliment the instrumental backdrop perfectly, and the transitions between each phase of the song feel natural and effortless. 

For a band in their infancy Foundlings show plenty of potential, and the future looks very bright for the fourpiece if they can continue to craft out catchy melodies with the enduring sense of restraint and maturity shown in ‘Caught Up On You’.

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