Words by Matilda - Barker Hall | Header Image by Kieran Webber

Fountainhead‘s single release gig was more than anyone could ask for as a final hurrah before such unprecedented times occurred, with a perfect lineup the crowd was raring to go as soon as the doors were opened.  

The Sheds, a two man band of ex members of Reni and The Bonglords, (Connor Powell, vocals and guitar) and Luke Agius (drums) naturally brought the gig to a start with their effortless force of indie/ noise/ punk elegant chaos. A bromance so strong that even the PA system could not falter. Though nerves were high, the pair performed exceptionally, setting the riotous tone for the rest of the gig.  

Bruise Cruise raucously followed with their Pixie like vibes and crowd alluring music. Recently formed Matilda Harding (vocals and guitar) Marcus Baber (bass) and Connor Powell (drums) exposed their religious care in performing music in such a beautiful manner. Matilda as a female lead, blessed us with her powerful vocals and heroic guitar shredding. The crowd was almost too enlightened, jumping a bit too far over the wires connecting to the amps. But once made aware the crowd continued to be held in the light of this new band’s talent brimming music. 

Just before the main show, the ever growing Facepaint captured the audience with their King Gizzard inspired style of music. Bringing unrelenting energy, the crowd was sent wild especially with their performance of their popular single ‘Blue’, now also available on their recent EP ‘BOMB’. They delivered a top performance, setting the stage for the main attraction of the evening.

And finally closing the night were the hosts Fountainhead who graciously fought through technical difficulties and brought us the natural noise rock shoegaze vibe that dominates this band’s music. With Kai’s Slaves-like explosive voice it was no doubt that the pub was quite literally shaken with the energy of the crowd from the bands performances of ‘Zipbag’, ‘Backflip’ and their cover of Slowthai’s ‘Doorman’. As always these boys solidly performed and continuously excite the Cornish music scene.