Words & Header Image by Tom Tozer

Hillbilly’s Bar yet again set the stage for a potential night of sweat-spraying, lung-busting moshing in central Falmouth. Revellers from the Truro College scene along with many more familiar faces attended the event bringing their usual eager spirits, shaking the floor as soon as the music began to hit. This event was the single release party for Fountainheads newest recorded track ‘Backflip’. The band truly rose to the occasion putting on a compelling show, with the support bands matching their energy.

The event began with the ever-impressive Facepaint (who I’m sure most of us know and love. If not, you should.) Elik Redd playing drums and supplying vocals was electrifying, turning the audience more and more into the undead with each hit. This band has such poise of quality and as an audience, you can really feel that, with no moments of uncertainty within the band. These guys are only going up.

Next up was new boys on the block Future Money, this post-punk band hit the ground running here, immediately interesting a crowd with their music from the start. The band spoke of their opinions of social media and the fact they were not on any platforms of the type, a topic that resonated throughout the youthful crowd.

Chec the highlight video here:

Bringing this event to an end was the dynamic Fountainhead. Kai Shaw, oozing with confidence, took to the stage and immediately had his audience in the palm of his hand. Everything he was putting out energy-wise, was being thrown back passionately by the eagerly awaiting audience. The band opened with a new track that was unheard by ears outside of the band, undoubtedly the next devastating track to be recorded, something to look forward to! Later on in the set and after a few face-melting jams they played their new release ‘Backflip’ which did not disappoint. In fact, a few audience members themselves were doing backflips while crowd surfing during the track, inadvertently I’m sure. Another band that seems ready to get creative and continue to astonish the Cornish music scene.  

All bands involved rocked the stage and should be proud of themselves. Only positive signs were seen after the gig as the mob stampeded outside to get some fresh air, converse and regenerate from the battering that was just received. 

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