By Kieran Webber

Frances And The Majesties carry an eclectic sound that is retrospective yet wonderfully fresh. Throughout their music you hear the golden sounds of the 60’s psychedelic movement. Swaying guitars, trance like vocals and tranquil compositions are at the forefront of their music. It’s no wonder, with 7 members from around the world, that they are able to create such a wide and diverse sound.

After the successful two track ‘Lizard’ EP the band have returned with the new single ‘Three Dogs’ (out now via Slimer Records).

It’s a psychedelic barrage that boasts the bands more energetic side. A real rambler of a track that is draped in ethereal vocals and reverb drenched guitars. There is a haunting vibe to the track yet it still remains daringly infectious.

Frances And The Majesties create music to get lost in. The latest single ‘Three Dogs’ is no exception.

Listen to ‘Three Dogs’ here:

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