Photo credit: Felix Bartlett
Felix Bartlett
Felix Bartlett

Photographer and Print Editor of CLUNK Magazine

“Freedom Day”. A controversial phrase these days. Whether you agree with the government’s decision to push on with the opening of the country with Covid levels rising one can’t argue that there was excitement in the air on the eve on the 18th of July. It’s been over a year since music venues and musicians alike have had to shut their doors to live shows. Instead moving online and having to take advantage of the technical age we now live in. However, the novelty sitting in your room watching a virtual gig downing a tinnie with your beloved pet or partner has worn off now. As has the dreaded “socially distanced” gig.

Tonight was different however, tonight was the night the holy gates were opened and the first (legal) mosh in over a year was allowed to commence. Excitement was in the air, as was the all too familiar stench of rollies and lager as I queued to enter the Oval Space, Bethnal Green to shoot my first actual live event since February 2020! This was the moment. We’re in. Whilst a few fans and I kept their trusty mask to hand to many this was a night to forget the past year and instead celebrate as fans ran onto the dance floor waving their mask in the air in helicopter fashion whilst grabbing their poison for the night ahead.

The pints were in and so was the crowd with a 250+ capacity the Duress took to the stage whipping the crowd into an all too familiar but almost surreal frenzy with pints flying and moshes galore! Whilst I must admit I didn’t manage the whole night (this was a school night after all) live music is finally back in our lives and it was an unforgettable night! A big shout out has to be given to the organisers for a spectacular event that finally brought live music back into our lives with a bang!

A massive shoutout to Egyptian Elbows for putting this event on and giving us access to the first live show we’ve covered since the pandemic!

Here’s to the road ahead and (fingers crossed) many many more mosh pits!

Here’s an exclusive look into the first night of live music

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