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Gaby Mawson

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The West London born solo artist Freya Beer, will be releasing her debut album ‘Beast’ in 2021. In the meantime though you can get a taste of her music with the new single ‘Siren’, taken from the aforementioned album.

The rock and roll induced song is a great add on to her already successful playlist of tracks that include ‘Dear Sweet Rosie’ and ‘Arms Open Wide’. The track title comes from the artist J.W. Waterhouse’s painting named ‘The Siren’ adhering to Freya’s love of the visual arts which often inspires her music.

Freya was influenced by the early 70s Roxy Music album ‘For Your Pleasure’ which you can hear through the guitars on ‘Siren’. She also worked with Pete Hobbs on the track to re-work it this year as it was originally recorded in 2019. Pete who is half of the musical duo The Boy Least Likely To has previously worked with Freya on ‘Arms Open Wide’ in 2020.

Last year Freya used the absence of live performance to her advantage as she experimented with covering a selection of iconic songs. These included John Lennons ‘Nobody Told Me‘ and Lana Del Reys ‘Happiness is a Butterfly‘. She also performed a number of online gigs in aid of raising money for charity during lockdown.

Freya will also be hoping to embark on her UK  tour this year that starts in May. She will be heading London, Manchester and Bristol. 

Listen to ‘Siren’ here: