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Gaby Mawson

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The trio that makes up the LA based group Gabriels, have recently released their five track debut EP, ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’.

Delivering sound that dips into different genres including soulful funk and gospel, lead singer Jacob Lusk indulges us in lyrical genius. The title track ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’ came out in October alongside the short film directed by group member Ryan Hope.

The film takes us on a journey of the dancefloor with a selection of clips taken since 1894. “The actual definition of the dancefloor is something that has always fascinated us. It’s a space we express ourselves ultimately.” – as told by Gabriels.

You can watch the film for ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’ here: 

Since the initial release of ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’Gabriels have more recently brought out the EP’s focus track named ‘Blind’. Also, with an accompanying film, this track is about the blindness of truth in which people tend to become a custom to. Gabriels said “While it has heartbreak at the heart of it – we wanted it to empower people to take a deeper look at themselves, trust their instincts, and remove themselves from anything that isn’t serving them, whatever that may be.”

The final version of the EP is out on all major streaming services now and we can now look forward to a re-stock of their vinyl on their bandcamp as the first release sold out almost immediately.

Listen to ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time‘ here:

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