Willow Shields
Willow Shields

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Today, Glasgow Indie Funk band Fauves released their newest single ‘Spaced Out Face’. With 70’s synths and spacey vocals, ‘Spaced Out Face’ is furthest the band have explored the Disco element of their sound.

In this track, Fauves take you by the hand and bring you along on a floaty, psychedelic journey through the atmosphere and up into the stars. This tune has an element of the 70’s perception of space travel was, with visions of tin foil and martians brought on by reverb drenched synths and funky bass lines. The band talking about where the inspirations for the new track say “We’ve tried to channel our fave 70s funk like The Isley Brothers and mix it with some more dramatic ABBA and ELO inspired string arrangements, as well as newer acts we love like Parcels and Metronomy.”

In a song coined “an ode to daydreaming”, it feels as if the band let you in on their collective day-dream state. ‘Spaced Out Face’ has such a vintage feel with elements of modernity sprinkled in it to make sure you don’t slip entirely into Fauves daydream wonderland. 

Listen to ‘Spaced Out Face’ here:

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