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Glasgow Based Artist Pinc Wafer Returns With Funk-Infused New Single ‘0%’

‘0%’ is the latest single from Pinc Wafer since his breakout EP Needed and explores what David Waters has to offer in the new year. The upbeat track demonstrates his soothing vocals being injected into a funk-infused melody that twists and turns, but also manages to leaves you with a sense of familiarity and calm.

Despite sticking to his eclectic roots in ‘0%’, there is an undeniable shimmer of pop in his output that suggests a bright future ahead for the Glasgow based artist. The brighter undertones of this new track, in contrast to past releases, indicate the possibility of more positive material from Pinc Wafer on the horizon too.

Listening to ‘0%’ resembles the feeling of floating, but the lyrics are what keep you grounded. Waters explores his unhealthy dependence on alcohol, but only in the process of writing did he find himself painfully relating his lyrics to a difficult part of his relationship. Waters remarks: “I tend to write words that come to my head and work out what they mean later. In this experience, it was more to do with realising I was going through a hard time without knowing it.”

Whether you’re looking for a funky new track to groove to or a comforting voice to smooth you, Pinc Wafer’s new lo-fi single is sure to bring you exactly what you need.

Listen to Pinc Wafer’s refreshing single ‘0%’ here:

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