By Hannah Elizabeth

Indie three-piece Glass Peaks have already made waves since bursting onto the scene in 2016. In the short time they’ve been together they’ve supported the likes of The Amazons and Maximo Park. The lads have also played 4 sold out London shows. May 2020 saw the release of a wonderfully diverse and captivating debut EP ‘It’s Raining on the Wrong Side of the Window’. We know that Glass Peaks are set for big things and were super stoked to have a chat with them about how they’ve been during lockdown, rescheduled gigs, writing music and which Harry Potter characters are the best!

Hannah: Thanks for having a chat with us! How have you all been doing in these strange times?

Jake: It’s all been very new and anxious times. As a barber my trade was one of the first to be told to stop, so I had to get used to 5am starts working in a factory in Erith. Which was grim, but I got one of them shiny essential worker letters which was cool.

Hannah: Tell us, who are Glass Peaks?

Jake: 3 lads who make sad indie music and have fun whilst doing it.

Hannah: What are you working on right now? Are you able to write and record from home?

Jake: Myself and Alf have a little home recording set up so we’ve still been able to create and make music which has been lovely. It’s just so frustrating, I just want to be back in the same room as my 2 best mates playing music.

Hannah: Where have you all ended up ‘Staying Home?’ and who with?

Jake: I’m in Bexleyheath with my parents and my partner. We were supposed to move to our first home in July but that’s not happening now due to the virus. It’s looking more like October now.

Alf: I’m in South London with my girlfriend. We’re in the process of moving as well so it’s a bit of a crazy time.

Grant: I’m just stuck at my home… waiting for that glimpse of sunshine.

Hannah: Have you had many gigs/plans cancelled due to the dreaded COVID?

Alf: Sadly, yes. We had some great stuff in the pipeline for this year and it’s all had to be rescheduled and re-planned. It’s frustrating as we played an amazing show in London in January that really set the tone for the year but COVID-19 had other plans…

We had some great stuff in the pipeline for this year and it’s all had to be rescheduled and re-planned.”

Alf – Glass Peaks

Hannah: Aside from music, and when there isn’t a global pandemic, what do you guys do for fun?

Jake: I love my job as a barber. I adore taking my dog for stupidly long walks through the woods and getting new tattoos.

Alf: I enjoy running and cooking. This whole lockdown period has given me time to become way better in the kitchen.

Grant: Love to watch films when I can, I’m a big film buff. Playing football on Saturdays is something I’ve missed a lot during this. And writing… I’ve always wanted to be a screenwriter, so I love doing that in my spare time.

Listen to ‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side Of The Window’ here:

Hannah: What bands are you super into at the moment – ones you think everyone should know about?

Jake: Wild Front, Easy Life, Another Sky and a new album by a really unknown band called The 1975.

Alf: A singer songwriter called LLSON from Brighton. You heard the name here first.

Grant: I love Wild Front too. I honestly cannot believe they haven’t been making albums for a big label.

Hannah: If you could go to any gig tonight – who would be on the line up?

Jake: We was supposed to go to see Foals supported by Everything Everything as a band night out but that for rescheduled till 2021. So I’d say that gig.

Alf: Yeah it was gutting when the Foals show got pulled… tonight though, I’d want to see someone like Khruangbin. The perfect summer soundtrack.

Grant: I’m gonna go with Jake and Alf as well… that Foals gig would be good to get into right now.

Hannah: Have you guys had any “lockdown revelations?”

Jake: I’ve started my own hair product range, created the business and logos and everything that goes with it. That’s been really fun to focus on.

Alf: I’ve actually been writing and producing lots of different styles of music, mainly just for practice and to improve on my skills. I suppose I’ve realised that I want to be able to broaden my horizons musically and become a lot more versatile and multifaceted.

Grant: Other than I full know I don’t wanna go back to work.. not really.

Hannah: Your latest album is wonderful – what message were you wanting to get across to your fans with this one and which is your favourite song of the album?

Jake: That we’re not a singles band, listen to a few of our songs to get the bigger picture of what we’re about and I’d have to say ‘London is Concrete’.

Alf: Thanks! There are so many themes that run through the record, so it’s hard to pin it down to one ‘message’ – I think we’re just trying to give the listener a holistic snapshot of our band in one, cohesive package. My personal favourite track is São Paulo.

“I’ve realised that I want to be able to broaden my horizons musically and become a lot more versatile and multifaceted.

Alf – Glass Peaks

Hannah: Have you got any gigs or festivals lined up for next year?

Alf: Thus far, we’re just looking into rescheduling dates, so we have nothing concrete in the diary but a lot of pencils and question marks. I think the live music sector is going to change drastically so we don’t want to jump the gun too quickly.

Hannah: Loads of bands have been doing live streams online – have you guys been doing many?

Alf: Yeah, to be honest, I got a bit sick of them. I just felt like I was talking to myself on the camera and weirdly felt more nervous than I have ever done in front of an actual, physical crowd. I think I would do more, but I‘d need to space them out.

Quick Fire Random Questions

First album you ever bought?

Jake: Arctic Monkeys debut album

Alf: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge – MCR (I think?)

Grant: Silent Alarm, Bloc Party… banger.

Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?

Jake: Hagrid.

Alf: Man like Ollivander.

Grant: Prof Remus Lupin.

What’s been your most eaten snack during quarantine?

Jake: Crisps n Hummus.

Alf: Satsumas. Love an easy peeler.

Grant: Oddly… jaffa cakes.

What’s the last thing you broke?

Jake: My heart on a daily basis. Joking, urm I thought I broke my ankle running the other day. That wasn’t fun.

Alf: My sunglasses, yesterday.

Grant: A pan trying to cook dinner.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Jake: Footballer. I loved Alan Shearer.

Alf: Michael Jackson.

Grant: Screenwriter.

First gig you ever went to?

Jake: The Pigeon Detectives at Ally Pally.

Alf: My Chemical Romance at Brixton Academy.

Grant: Pink!

Best place you have ever been on holiday to?

Jake: Hard one. Australia, Norway, America… AHH TOO MANY!

Alf: Mexico.

Grant: Ye Olde US of A.

Worst place you have been on holiday to?

Jake: Turkey.

Alf: No holidays are bad!

Grant: Devon.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Jake: Turtle. I like Turtles.

Alf: A majestic snow leopard.

Grant: A dog… easy life.

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