By Kieran Webber

The Italian psych-fuzz outfit has been in operation since 2011 and have been in a constant state of momentum. Across the years they have played across Europe as well as the United States, shared stages with the likes of The Oh Sees, The Growlers, Night Beats and Moon Duo (to name but a few). In Between the constant touring they have also managed to release a string of EP’s and LP’s with their most recent one ‘Modern Jungle’s Prisoners’ being released last September via Teenage Menopause Records.

Their sound is an intriguing blend of subtle riffs and fuzzed out psychedelia that is unrelenting. Their latest single ‘Hailing It’s Haling’ is a sultry track that bounces calmy with moments of chaos, it’s a cascading adventure. The whirling guitars and soft, transcendent vocals draw the listener in, luring them into a sense of calm, only to be have their heads rattled by the occasional strike of the guitar. It’s an unnerving track yet still remains wholly pleasant.

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