By Kieran Webber

Great Cynics have revealed a new song from their forthcoming album ‘POSI’ in the form of ‘Butterfly Net’, a sickly-sweet guitar pop track that is beaming in good vibes. ‘POSI’ will be released on 24th March via Specialist Subject in the UK, Guerilla Asso in France and Lame-O Records in the US.

Vocalist and guitarist Giles Bidder says of the track:

“’Butterfly Net’ is about taking control of your own life. Even in accepting that you can’t control everything that happens, you are able  focus on the good things. Are you going to give in and live a sad existence or are you gonna stand up for yourself? I’m in love with Phoenix’s ‘Wolfgang..’ album, so I started waking up and instantly putting this record on. It was starting to become summer when we wrote this, and the rest of the song is a celebration of that.”

Listen to ‘Butterfly Net’ here: