Words & Photos by Kieran Webber

We were beyond excited to have been invited back to this years Great Estate Festival, and to say we had a fantastic time would be an understatement. The festival had improved on what made last year so special including the addition of the much needed main stage. Due to a stronger focus on music there were plenty of notable performances from a variety of artists. Throughout the weekend we were treated to a range of new musical discoveries that we have had on repeat since the festival. Do yourselves a favour and follow these bands on any social media and music platforms possible, you will not be disappointed.


Kaboli Cornwall Great Estate Festival

Kaboli were the first band to play across the whole festival on the Saturday and what a brilliant opener they were. Their eclectic mix of post rock elements and grunge create an overwhelming barrage of sound. They are one of the tightest bands across the whole weekend with each member being pivotal in their station. The drummer and bassist kept things moving forward, dancing off one anothers infectious energy whilst the guitarist indulged us all with swirling riffs. This all accumulates around Kelly Bartram’s vocals, which are nothing short of dizzyingly powerful and beautiful.


Raikes Cornwall Great Estate Festival

The last day of the Great Estate Festival was spent mostly recovering from the past two nights, relaxing and finding moments to take naps in the beautiful surroundings. Walking around the festival site I stumbled into Madam Wongs House of Wrong which lead me to discovering Raikes. Their music fuses the best elements of emo-punk, post rock and indie rock, creating a vast and diverse sound that is utterly contagious. There was real pain and anguish from the vocalist Matthew Twornicki.


Penya Great Estate Festival Cornwall Portrait

Maybe one of our favourite discoveries of the festival comes in the form of sound wave pioneers Penya. This collection of artists create a soundscape that traverses across the globe and history. Penya fuses the sound of ancient rhythms, songs and chants with modern electronic dance music, pushing forward a sonic journey that is spellbinding.

The Rezner 

The Rezner Great Estate Festival 2018 Cornwall

An explosive barrage of infectious riffs and screeches came flying out of the amps to the unsuspecting Great Estate audience.  This powerful and strident band came out kicking and screaming and left myself and others in complete awe of their raw and unapologetic sound. They have harnessed their teenage angst and projected it through their fantastic and hefty indie-punk rock.


Skydigs Great Estate Cornwall

Opening up for The Charlatans on the Saturday was the anthemic and infectious Slydigs. They bounced onto the stage donning leopard print shirts, tight trousers and high collared jackets. They were certianly dressed the part and thankfully they had the sound to match their rock ‘n’ roll look. Their rock swagger lures you in and takes you for a wild ride that is unrelenting. With catchy choruses and contagious riffs makes the Slydigs one hell of a live band.



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