By Kieran Webber

This years Great Estate was filled to the brim with fantastic music across a multitude of stages. There was a variety of sounds on offer across the weekend from raucous grunge from one of our favorites Wolf Note to the indie-dream pop of Glass Caves. We were truly spoilt for fantastic performances but here our top 3.

Wolf Note

Wolf Note Great Estate Festival

Local boys Wolf Note yet again blew the fucking roof off with their live performance at The Great Estate Festival, even if it was on the back end of a birthday bender. The hangover didn’t stop the fearsome duo from igniting a flame of grunge rock spirit throughout the often whimsical festival. Together they crafted their usual thunderous sound that is unrelenting in nature, the heavy riffs and huge sounding percussion was a sight to behold. They reminded me and the audience that they are one of Cornwall’s most powerful and talented live bands.

Glass Caves

Glass Caves Great Estate Cornwall

Having heard a couple of tracks before their show at the Great Estate I was eager to experience them live. Their anthemic indie-pop sound draped in a veil of emotive vocals is nothing short of infectious. Their performance at the Great Estate was everything and more than what I expected from the Pontefract band. With music as stylish a themselves I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them headlining festivals up and down the country. They are an upcoming band who’s live performances will surely elevate them into great success. If you are looking for an ethereal indie experience with a bite then Glass Caves cannot be recommended enough, keep your eyes peeled for these guys.

Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show 

Craig Charles Great Estate Festival

Returning again for another year as a headliner was the ever brilliant Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, who acted as the perfect closer for the festival. Everyone was fast approaching their second wind as the festival ciders started to settle, the time for a dance was ever nearing. Thankfully they were about to be treated to an absolute ear feast from the ever evolving disc jockey. His huge collection of funk and soul rhythms is so large and extensive it could have you dancing for the next decade. Watching Craig Charles perform is like watching a child eat their first blue Smarties, he is hyper, caked in a huge grin and clearly having a great time.