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Naomi Smith

Journalism student at Falmouth university who spends most of her time with headphones on trying to find new music.

London singer/songwriter Gretel Hänlyn announces her new EP ‘Head Of The Love Club’ alongside a music video for the catchy goth-pop single ‘Wiggy’

Her unique voice allows for her 90’s alternative inspirations such as The Pixies and The Smashing Pumpkins to shine through and influence this goth-pop tune. 

Gretel’s deep vocals and the repetition of “to you to me” makes this song stick, something you won’t be able to get out your head. Gretel Hänlyn is an artist who has the power to become something phenomenal and with ‘Head Of The Love Club’ only a month away from release that is very much likely. 

‘Wiggy’ is set to be featured on March 16th on her upcoming EP via VLF Records and will perform a small run of headline shows post EP release. 

The music video fits the grunge feel of the lyrics and show us Gretel and her band performing, getting an idea of her stage presence and style. 

Gretel will also be performing at Boardmasters festival in August.

‘Head Of The Love Club’ EP will be released on March 16th via VLF Records.

Watch/Listen to ‘Wiggy’ here: