By Kieran Webber

Hailing from the Northern shores of Salford (Northern for us Cornish folk) comes the swaying slacker rock sounds of Groan Room.

The four-piece recently dropped their latest single ‘Get Off’, a fuzz drenched release that pays homage to a retrospective sound, yet it is still wonderfully fresh. Crunchy guitars take centre stage whilst soft vocals caress you gently. As far as debut releases go this is a solid start for the fledgling band.

Speaking on the track Ramin Bostan, describes it as a “huge, anthemic tribute to our favourite Brit-pop, lo-fi and grunge bands from the 90s. The song is written about a very dear friend of mine who was
going through a tough time and I was imploring him to open up to us and address it, while also
reminding him all of the things that make him wonderful and all of the people who love him.”

Listen to ‘Get Off’ here:

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