By Kieran Webber

GURU emerged from from the pebbled shores of Brighton in late 2018 with debut single ‘Consumer Helpline’, a frantic release full of pep. It solidified the four-piece as one of the U.K’s most exciting bands.

Since then the band has torn its way through the U.K alongside Heavy Lungs, Slaves and Ladybird. They’ve built quite the reputation for chaotic scenes at their live shows.

Recently the band have returned to our ears (and hearts) with the latest single ‘Roses’. It’s a jagged edged release that see’s crunchy guitars and thumping percussion take the lead. Biting vocals ease over the backdrop creating a daringly infectious soundscape.

Speaking on the track frontman Tommy Cherrill explained: “Roses is about the uphill struggle of trying to get anything done when you’re at the bottom of the pecking order, whilst simultaneously knowing you don’t want to be anything like the people at the top. It’s about playing the game even though you don’t want to, levelling with yourself that every step you take closer to success, can potentially cause you to become less like the change you want to see.  I thought this was best exemplified by the gifting of a rose, which can be seen as both a gesture of gratitude, and of buttering someone up. I guess now is a better time than ever to put this out – with leaders, landlords, employers etc all showing a remarkable lack of empathy to the everyday lives and wellbeing of those less fortunate. It shouldn’t be necessary that people in the most vulnerable of positions have to work the hardest to enact compassionate change which should come from the top.”

Listen to ‘Roses’ here:

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