Words & Photography by Em Marcovecchio

Touring with her third Album ‘Le Kov’, Gwenno was back in Falmouth singing in Cornish, creating a beautifully compelling evening. Attending a gig at AMATA, Penryn for me is ideal, a 15-minute drive from my house and a guarantee that the lighting and sound will be some of the best in the whole of Cornwall.  This particular gig did not disappoint, leaving me filled with pure love for Cornwall its history.

Adwaith Wales Rock
Adwaith by Em Marcovecchio

Opening the evening were Adwaith, a Welsh based female three piece, touching on running themes such as feminism in their writing. From the moment they graced the stage we knew that a real delight was on our hands, with classic British rock n roll simply oozing at the seams.  The swap between synth/keys, guitar and bass changed the pace for every song, with the entire set feeling very immersive and pure. The combination of both rock and atmospheric tones set the stage perfectly for the headline act.

Gwenno Cornwall Cornish
Gwenno by Em Marcovecchio

It was then time for Gwenno to grace the stage, with the use of visual projection and costume creating an engaging and mysterious energy.  The audience found themselves transfixed upon the lady in white, dancing and twisting across the stage.  The sheer movement from the entire set was exciting, with beautiful harmonies and use of percussion. Gwenno herself is an incredible performer, talking to the audience with sheer ease and chatting away as if she’d known them for years and years.  This gig is the first and probably the last where I will hear a musician talk so openly about a Cornish song (‘Eus Keus’) written all about cheese, a story that brought the audience pure joy and humour.

Attending a gig with no expectations can go one way or another, you can be left feeling flat and lacklustre, or the opposite, full of life and pure joy.  This gig was definitely the latter, with tales of Wales and Cornwall being brought together in haunting yet beautiful melodies.

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