Words by Tom Tozer | Header Image by Kieran Webber

Two-piece Haggard Cat are an unruly force to be reckoned with. A seriously explosive band that has relentless amounts of energy. 

The valentines day release ‘rational’ begins tame and unusually soft. But make no mistake, that doesn’t last long. This tracks seems to be emotionally lead, appropriate due to their release date. Speaking of a person who made promises and intriguing opportunity but clearly did not live up to their expectations. Resulting is a smasher for us all to jump around too.   

Excitingly, the band are set to do a UK tour spanning from March to April, good luck to this band and what an experience this new track along with all the rest of the powerhouse set Haggard Cat have to offer.  

Listen to ‘Rational’ here:

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