By Ross Jones

There is wonderful lineage in the world of scandinavian alternative pop that has heralded many cult bands who have crafted some wonderfully impactful music. Hajk, a five-piece from Oslo, Norway are blossoming into one of these very bands from having only released three singles. Their smooth, blooming pop is charming, glowing and soulful – and with new track ‘Magazine’, they’ve demonstrated just so.

Arranging the sort of vibrant sound that is immediate yet not lacking in heart, Hajk are concise in a gentle way, taking the best parts of their core and arranging accordingly. Wobbling synths and light chords create a world of woozy atmospherics, an air of romanticism in the air as Preben Sælid Andersen and Sigrid Aase lead with appeal. The vocalists are longing yet focused – determined to stand their ground and not let temptation sway them, their comely tone is distinct and human as they throw away the weight of rough stages and repercussions.

A glossy single thats real and upbeat – Hajk are a band in the midst of something pricelessly joyful. Their first full length record is expected next year, and should certainly stand up amongst the rest.

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