Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Glassnote Records

Montreal natives Half Moon Run are in their tenth year now and their new EP ‘Inwards and Onwards’ doesn’t see them show signs of aging. Having lost a member in Isaac Symonds and having admitted losing the spark creatively, as the EP title suggests, Half Moon Run has looked inwards and has decided to record this EP entirely themselves and approached things at their own pace.

Opening track ‘How Come My Body’ almost feels like an early Ben Howard track with its vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar. It’s a relatively short track and seems to act as a taster of what’s to come. ‘On and On’ soon follows and once again showcases Half Moon Run’s gorgeous vocal harmonies that come to sew themselves through ‘Inwards and Onwards’. These vocals lend depth and texture to each track and seem to elevate each song to something that can’t be ignored. ‘Fxgiving’ moves away from the Ben Howard indie acoustic style and instead opts for a more ethereal folk approach of bands such as Fleet Foxes and Local Natives. ‘It’s True’ feels like a Radiohead cut with a minimal approach to the music with drawling vocals slithering over the top until nearly two minutes in when the musical wave comes crashing down. It’s then that Half Moon Run show that it’s not just soft acoustic in their repertoire but massive, theatrical shoegaze.

My one problem with ‘Inwards and Onwards’ is simply that it’s not long enough. With each track exploring a different style, it all feels cohesive and sits comfortably under the Half Moon Run banner. If this is what happens when they are given a little space and freedom then please, give them some room because I need to hear their next full album as soon as possible.

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