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Thought provoking and utterly insightful, meet Portsmouth’s rising post-punk stars Hallan.

With their debut EP not too far into the future, ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ is set to be a certified banger if Orwell’s Idyllic Future is anything to go by. Despite only having a few singles under their belt, the band has already received a plethora of positive and glowing reviews – with more guaranteed to follow.

Hallan are Conor Clements (vocals), Joshua Tweedale (bass), Joshua Ransley (guitar) and Adam Mills (drums).

If unfamiliar with the highly acclaimed novel, George Orwell’s 1984 details the state of affairs of a dystopian society, wherein a man loses his identity through a closely monitored society – where the ‘Big Brother is watching’ phrase originates from. Following on from this eerie narrative, Hallan offers a thought-provoking and insightful commentary on the current socio-economic climate, and how it at times, closely mirrors that of what Orwell penned nearly four decades ago.

Talking on the track, the group divulged: “With all sorts of wings be they left or right swinging for each other with mocking tweets or cancel culture as their weaponry, it’s easy to feel lost as an onlooking bystander in a world full of hostility.”

Bursting with a post-punk attitude, the four-piece adds an air of mystery and uses rip-roaring guitar riffs to deliver their unadulterated, raw and honest message. ‘I want to love a real woman, but Big Brother is watching me is an on-the-nose tip of the hat to Orwell’s fictional tale, that seemingly predicted the state of modern society.

Staccato vocals ring reminiscent of the likes of Shame and SLAVES, but Hallan adopting the genre and making it completely their own.

I have no doubt that there’s big things to come for the Portsmouth quartet.

Listen to ‘Orwell’s Idyllic Future’ here:

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