By Matilda Barker-Hall

At 27 Harmony’s explosive and tantalizing single ‘come Down vs Calm Down’ exhibits her talented emotive lyrics that meander into a victorious roar. Pleasurable hints of Jimi Hendrix melodic type guitar along with the evocative yearning of Jeff Buckley, a sprinkle of Tori Amos’s brooding voice and euphoric capturing of Led Zeppelin rock- a compilation of pure talent that explodes across the single and follows onto her debut album ‘Heavy Doors’, which was produced with the help of Jim Eno (of Spoon) and due to be released in the Spring of 2020.

“In essence it’s a song about mental health” Harmony says on the track and feels that “there is a darkness hidden in our minds that often engulfs us, which although is hard to talk about, is important to express”. The cathartic structure of the song allows the listener to also experience this purge of emotions, releasing the caught up voices in our “monkey minds” and clearing tension of everyday self imposed irritance. Get this loud on your closest application of sound and free your captivated internal anger of any sort. 

Listen to ‘Come Down vs Calm Down’ here:

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