Words: laura Turnbull | Header Image: Kieran Webber

Turns out we don’t have to feel so bad about those 2am texts to the ex, ‘cos Haunt The Woods missed the memo about playing it cool too. The Cornish four-piece have just released new single ‘Amethyst‘ and it’s awash with spiralling guitar licks, stormy crescendos and a full-on “I can’t live without you” refrain that howls around all the heart strings. Vocal harmonies haven’t felt this emotional sinceCute Without The ‘E. On which note we should add that there’s no fringes, but Haunt The Woods probably have enough hair between them to weave their way into Robert Plant‘s wavy daydreams. 

Listen to ‘Amethyst‘:

For those times when only a certifiable soul-wringer will do, ‘Amethyst‘ undoubtedly delivers the goods, and it’s just the start of many nice things Haunt The Woods have in store for us. As well as unveiling more new material from upcoming debut album ‘Opaque‘ in the following months, the band will be performing at Boardmasters and ArcTanGent this summer. And if you fancy being bathed in bliss acoustics, go see Haunt The Woods play a special, intimate gig at St Fimbarrus Church in Fowey this August. 

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