IDLES have a total reset of website and Social Media, Suggesting Their Fourth Album Is On The Way

If you’re an avid fan of IDLES such as we are then you may have noticed something going on with their social media, website, and streaming platforms. The social media has been totally wiped, starting a fresh with a new image, possibly an album cover of a dented baseball/american football helmet and the title ‘In Spite Of It All, Life Is Beautiful’. This is possibly the album cover and title, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Their website now only shows one page and is the above message with a newsletter sign up below.

Whatever is happening it’s almost certain that new music is on the way and that IDLES are possibly rebranding, ready to promote the new album. We’ve got our wallets at the ready for the incoming merch drop and vinyl bundles.

Let us know what you think!