By Kieran Webber

Manchester Psychedelic Blues Rock band Hey Bulldog announce a brand new Single ‘Divide and Conquer’, recorded at Manchester’s Crack Studios and produced by guitarist and songwriter Rob Manton teaming up once again with EMI producers Boe Weaver (Archie Bronson Outfit, Pete Molinari, Wolf People, Whyte Horses). Who offered to take on the mixing duties after working on the band’s last two critically acclaimed singles ‘Under My Spell’ and ‘Makin Friends Not Millionaires’.

‘Divide and Conquer’ continues the bands love of psychedelic tangents draped in meaty riffs and ethereal vocals, creating a diverse sound that is bursting in energy and infectiousness. Across their latest single there is an interesting political undertone with one lyric that really stood out; “You don’t have a voice leaders make their choice”, this is the thinking mans psychedelia.

Listen here: