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The Minnesotan-based band Hippo Campus hasn’t released anything major since their sophomore album ‘Bambi’ in 2018. Making their upcoming EP ‘Good Dog, Bad Dream’ a much-awaited surprise for Hippo Campus’s fans.

The indie-influenced 5-piece group has already teased the EP with the release of their latest single ‘Bad Dream Baby’. The song release came hand in hand with a lo-fi VHS-style music video that see’s Hippo Campus perform the track in a studio setting. You can watch the video for ‘Bad Dream Baby’ below:

To go into more detail about the EP’s leading track ‘Bad Dream Baby’, band member Jake Luppen discussed “The lyrics are a stream of consciousness, darting between my complex relationship with my father, a Britney Spears documentary, and some older men at Grumpy’s (my favorite bar in Minneapolis) who used to hit on me.”

As for the success of Hippo Campus, they have previously completed the UK and European tour, this really put them on the map and BBC reported them as “one of the best bands in the US”.

Make sure to watch out for further announcements from Hippo Campus and you can pre-order their album now which will be out August 6th.

Pre-order ‘Good Dog, Bad Dream’ here.

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