Out now via Ex-Local

Rating: 8.5/10

By Georgia Cummings

Putting Hockeysmith firmly onto our Ones to Watch was no false claim, as they follow up the title track with the full EP of ‘Tears At My Age’. Annie Hockeysmith really demonstrates a new diversity of sound, with vocals taking on a new maturity as she uses them more and more as an instrument, integrating her vocals into the music, breaking traditional structures of female vocalists.

‘Tears At My Age’ sets the scene of ethereal pleasure; ‘said to be for the female fans, contemplating the woes of young heartbreak and asking, are these tears worth it?’

The 80’s pop track ‘Lonely Loving Me’ is  bouncing sound of nostalgic pop, proving Hockeysmith’s flexibility through genre and style.

Listen/watch to ‘Lonely Loving Me’ here:

The more experimental track ‘Messed Up’ taps into our need to let loose. The opening synth melody that returns throughout taps into that raw feeling of release, as you let yourself go in the lights and the mist of a full club in the early hours of the morning.

‘Dare You’ brings out a 90’s club vibe as it cycles through loops of subtle garage beats, laced with delicate vocals and gradual layers of naughties-esque synth sounds.

The flawless openings and endings of every track on this EP is a remarkable Hockeysmith skill, that allows this otherwise stylistically inconsistent group of tracks to flow into each other and offer the size of Annie’s genius.

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