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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Finding inspiration from the likes of The Kinks and The Violent Femmes, Brighton-based rock duo are making waves with their social commentary infused tracks and tales of tumultuous capitalist agendas.

Holiday Ghosts are Sam Stacpoole (Guitar) and Katja Rackin (Drums), embarking on a sonic adventure to tackle issues of social inequality, political unrest, and short-straws in a pure, unadulterated, folk-pop inspired manner that is utterly unmatched.

After announcing their signing to FatCat Records last month (joining the likes of Honeyblood and Paws), Holiday Ghosts unveiled their plans to release their third album, ‘North Street Air’, on May 21st – a wonderful way to start Summer.

‘Off Grid’ is overflowing with 60’s rock goodness mixed with sparks of 90’s colorful pop, the mid-tempo excitement offers an unadulterated view of modern-day life. Naked drums display music in its rawest form – an incredible feat that pairs perfectly with sensitive and excoriated lyrics. Feelings of irregularity and disconnection are abundant and acerbic, with no signs of holding back.

This dreamy track full of haze-pop with scuzzy guitars layered atop soft, beautifully simplistic vocals makes for the perfect follow-on single from ‘Mr. Herandi’.  

Speaking on the new track, gritty guitarist Sam Stacpoole explains: “The song is made up of snapshots of city life, and of being alone with summer moods and feelings that make it hard to go back to regular life.”

This dazzling duo has cemented their ability to produce nostalgia-inducing tracks that take you on a wonderful sonic journey, wholly reminiscent of 60’s folk-rock.

Stripped back, playful and beautifully honest, Holiday Ghosts are certainly ones to keep your eye on.

Listen to ‘Off Grid’ here:

North Street Air is available to pre-order here. (artwork by Joe Fenwick-Wilson)

North Street Air is available to pre-order here.

Tracklisting –

1. Mr. Herandi

2. Off Grid

3. Blood Orange

4. North Street Air

5. Bathing Suit

6. 3rd Dream

7. Makin A Fool

8. Total Crisis

9. Leaving Today

10. Told My Baby

11. Glue

12. Wallpaper

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