Words by Tom Tozer | Photography by Emily Marcovecchio 

HOPS! have such a distinct, unique sound to their music. This Truro-based foursome has been together a little over a year now and has all the musical talent need. One of their two latest releases on Spotify ‘Birthday Party’ is no anomaly. This track oozes musical talent.

This shy, math-rock single begins ever so gently with a beautiful slow-build of instrumentals lead by a subtle yet catchy electric riff. Then, a minute and a half in, a release of energy with some purposeful drumming. The track is really driven forward by the momentous vocals. The flawless feminine voice brings this individual build-up together with ease and simplicity. It begins with a woman’s feelings towards a person. She doesn’t want to be with them yet she feels an attraction, finding herself gravitating to him or wanting him without much or any control. It’s a song about acceptance, love and it’s often confusing feeling.

It’s another authentic single from the continuously fantastic band, each release sees them grow in strength.

Listen to ‘Birthday Party’ here:

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