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Gaby Mawson

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Header Image by Harry Brafman

South London band, Horsey, are back with their latest new single called ‘Sippy Cup’, a track made to take you back to your childhood.

‘Sippy Cup’ aligns with the bands chaotic yet incredibly charismatic sound that underlies within all of their music. It’s been almost two years since the 4-piece group released their last song named ‘Bread & Butter’, so we were super excited to hear this new track that goes hand in hand with the equally kooky music video.

At just under two minutes, the video is a compilation of clips from old meat factory footage that ends with the band members sweating it out during a ‘Hot Dog Eating Contest’. Whether the video makes sense to you or not, it definitely conveys nostalgic memories of being a kid and (sort of) doing what you want!

The name ‘Sippy Cup’ comes from the drinking bottles made for babies and young children which corresponds with the accompanying imagery for the track; an old photo of group members Jacob Read and Theo McCabe when they were just small kids themselves. The two have been friends since nursery, making this track undoubtedly personal to them.

We look forward to hearing more from the four guys in the near future as they have recently been signed to a new label called Untitled recs – where you also hear the likes of Jerskin Fendrix, Famous and Brad Stank.

Watch/listen to ‘Sippy Cup’ here:

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