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Han of Hot Milk at Reading 2023 (Photo by Josephine Best)


In the ever-evolving world of pop-punk, one band has been gaining lots of attention lately for their electrifying energy and it is none other than Hot Milk. Hailing from Manchester, this four-piece powerhouse has been shaking up the music scene with their unique blend of pop-punk, alternative rock, and emo influences. With a sound that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern, Hot Milk has been captivating audiences worldwide with their anthemic tracks and energetic live shows. With a trilogy of EPs under their belt, the journey towards their debut album “A CALL TO THE VOID” that was recently released on Friday the 25th of August, has been a profound exploration of their artistry.

From first single “HORROR SHOW”, they quickly gained traction and set the tone with their debut album being a testament to their artistic evolution. This transformative journey, evident through the progression of their three earlier EPs, has culminated in the arrival of their much-anticipated debut full-length album.

The album commences with the commanding “WELCOME TO THE…,” an introduction that radiates a cinematic grandeur, setting the stage for what’s to come. The subsequent track, “HORROR SHOW,” explodes with pent-up angst, underlining the band’s ability to harness heavy riffs.

The album’s dynamic shifts with “PARTY ON MY DEATHBED” and “ALICE COOPER’S POOL HOUSE” showcasing Hot Milk’s propensity to infuse electrifying rock elements with a charming and charismatic twists. These tracks are undeniably infectious, definite ear worms and are meticulously polished. “OVER MY DEAD BODY” stands out with its pounding intensity of raw vocals further elevated by the inclusion of soft violin elements infusing an unexpected theatrical touch. “MIGRAINE” takes the listener on a journey through synth-soaked verses, culminating in a chorus that juxtaposes barbed screams with a compellingly spiky melody—a testament to their innovation. “BREATHING UNDERWATER” emerges as a culmination of raw emotion.

The album houses numerous tracks that are contenders for the accolade of being their best. The dedication and hard work invested in their creation shine through, resulting in the realization of Hot Milk’s aspirations for a triumphant debut, delivering an album that has been long in the making and well worth the wait.

To be able to release our album while at [Reading Festival] is amazing, it’s a chance to celebrate not just for us but for our crew and team but also the fans. It’s so much fun.

Jim of Hot Milk at Reading 2023

These Manchester natives have left their mark on the British rock scene and aren’t stopping anytime soon. From opening for the Foo Fighters in stadiums to headlining iconic venues like Koko and o2 Ritz, their path has been nothing short of remarkable. Their reputation as a live act has spread like wildfire with their shows being a culmination of raw emotion, boundless energy, and an infectious camaraderie with their audience. Whether it’s a small club or a festival stage, the band’s performances have a captivating and unifying effect on the crowd, leaving everyone yearning for more. Their performance at Reading Festival 2023 only two days post “A Call To The Void” was no exception.

Han & Jim of Hot Milk at Reading 2023 (Photo by Josephine Best)

“We have our own ethos that if you don’t leave blood and sweat on the stage you haven’t done a good job…”

Jim of Hot Milk at Reading 2023

What sets Hot Milk apart from other bands in the scene is their ability to merge pop with punk rock energy seamlessly. Their music features hooks that make you want to hold your breath, catchy choruses that you cannot help but sing along to, and powerful vocals that leave a lasting impact on their audience. Drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary pop-punk acts, the band infuses their songs with an authentic emotional depth that resonates with fans across the globe.

Beyond their musical prowess, Hot Milk is an ardent advocate for inclusivity and mental health awareness. The band has used their platform to promote a safe and supportive environment at their shows and to engage with fans on social issues that matter to them. This commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the stage, reinforcing the band’s connection with their devoted fanbase.

Hot Milk’s trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. With an ever-growing fanbase, critical acclaim, and a solid foundation built on authenticity and emotional resonance, the band is set to continue leaving an indelible mark on the pop-punk landscape.

Their rise to prominence in the scene is a testament to their talent, passion, and unwavering commitment to their craft. With their distinctive sound, empowering lyrics, and infectious live performances, they are poised to become one of the genre’s definitive acts. As the band’s music continues to inspire and connect with audiences, it’s clear that Hot Milk’s journey with “A Call To The Void” is only just beginning, and it is full speed ahead.

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