Houston, We Have a Surf Park

By Jay Smith

The Texans; Rockets; Astros and Dynamo are all world renowned sports teams heralding from Houston, Texas. But now it seems Houston could become an unlikely hot spot for our beloved sport of surfing.

Scheduled to open in spring 2016, a surf park on the scale only Americans could achieve is being planned, with technology reported to offer barreling waves of up to six foot.

The thought of cowboys rocking up to their local spot, tying up their horse, and whooping their way into the line-up, conjures up some pretty funny images. But the NLand Surf Park is determined to become a world respected surf destination.

In an interview with Surfer Magazine, founder and CEO of NLand Surf Park, Doug Coors, had this to say:

“The waves will do the talking. When pros like Miguel Pupo, Carissa Moore, and others travel to the Wavegarden in Spain and can’t stop smiling, that makes a huge statement.
“There are no other parks that [will] compare to NLand. Our lagoon will be the size of nine football fields with one-foot, four-foot, and six-foot barreling waves, on a ride that could last up to 35 seconds. There has been nothing like this in the past, nor is there anything similar to this now on the planet.”

Following on from the huge early success of the Surf Snowdonia wave lagoon in Wales, and the recently reported inclusion of surfing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it seems it may not be long before our pre-determined ideas about where surfing is popular could all change.