By Kieran Webber

I have been listening to IDLES since the release of their single ‘Well Done’, from that moment I was hooked. Their following ‘Brutalism’ LP was an absolute blinder and proved to me that in this post-Brexit, Conservative run Britain IDLES were one of the UK’s most important bands.

This was further cemented when I was fortunate enough to be attending one of their live shows on their April tour. I travelled from Cornwall to Plymouth to have the pleasure of seeing and photographing this great band. Throughout the show I was constantly reminded of the bands compassion, in fact I was a little taken back by it. People tend to associate punk music and punk gigs with aggression and anger, although that was there it was towards a common enemy. Throughout the show lead singer Joe Talbot would ask if people were okay and would keep his eye on the crowd, making sure no one was getting hurt. At one point he actually passed bottles of water out to those who looked like they needed it. It was really brilliant to see.

Check the full gallery and live review of IDLES Plymouth show here.

That’s when I┬árealised IDLES music had built a wonderful community that all looked out for one-other. To be a fan of IDLES is truly a great experience. After the show I was eager to find this community online and I did through the Facebook fan page “ALL IS LOVE: AF GANG”, this page is the embodiment of the attitude of the fans and band members.

Every member of this group is incredibly supporting of one other, frequently people will be discussing their mental health, how they feel about certain events that are happening in the country and of course the music of IDLES. There is a real communal spirit within this group and it is truly a beautiful thing.

IDLES music is about unity and their fans replicate this attitude to one other, I am incredibly proud to be a part of this community, heart warmed by peoples reactions and continuously impressed by IDLES attitude. Thank you for letting me join, thank you IDLES for your music and thanks to the fan base for being a great bunch.

Check out the page here and if your so inclined get involved and join the group.



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