By Kieran Webber

As small venues close all over the country events such as Independent Music Venue Week are increasingly important, especially for a county that has almost none at all. Throughout Cornwall there are pockets of bars that put on live music and within them scenes are building, places such as Falmouth, Truro and maybe even Newquay. It is incredibly important on a cultural level that we celebrate anyone and anywhere that goes out of their way to put on live music. Independent Music Venue Week brings focus to this and highlights that even down in the mystical depths of Cornwall there is a blossoming music scene demanding attention.

The Cornish music scene is often overlooked and overshadowed by Exeter and Bristol but the truth is it is very much alive and kicking, this gig was proof of that. Each band, who calls Cornwall home put on fiery performances to a sold out show in The Old Bakery, Truro. It was a delight to watch local grown talent blast out their music to a dedicated and loving audience.

Kicking the night off was the charming indie sounds of Milo Gore who brought their anthemic, infectious sound to a bustling venue. Each time I have witnessed these guys live they get better and better, their harmonies get stronger and their stage presence more demanding. The music filled the room and uplifted many, they really are a beautiful gem.

Milo Gore Cornwall
Milo Gore by Kieran Webber

Following on was the garage rock boogaloo, all female ensemble The Eyelids. Their simplistic take on the sixties inspired music was nothing short of contagious. It’s raw, bloody nosed energy creates an atmosphere of uneasy allure, especially with their war paint makeup which extenuates their bright eyes. These sisters of rock were ready for battle and their warcry was felt through The Old Bakery.

The Eyelids Cornwall
The Eyelids by Kieran Webber

Next up was the band of renegades The Velvet Hands, the fearsome foursome attracted the largest crowd, bringing with them their riotous sound that is daringly raw. The punk a-la- The Strokes sound filled the room and the crowd went wild. Bodies flailed all over the venue and crowd surfing was a regular occurance. At one point during the track ‘Party’s Over’ the audience invaded the stage, pushing leadmen Dan and Toby into a pit of bodies, thankfully the drummer and bassist kept things alive during the madness.

The Velvet Hands Cornwall
The Velvet Hands by Kieran Webber

The Velvet Hands showed the eager audience what hard work can look like, they are a professional unit of noise makers that is only getting better with every performance. Their stage presence was jaw dropping, the adoration they commanded from the home crowd was a sight to behold. It’s an exciting time for this ever growing band and I cannot wait to see them conquer the nation.

After a quick changeover fledging band The Rezner took to the stage and within seconds they caused a real ruckus. Although a young band they command the power and respect of a band who’ve been doing the circuit for years. They carry such a large and impressive sound that is daringly voluptuous. Chatting to them backstage they had spoken of listening to a bands like Ty Segall recently and it was clear to hear that influence within their sound. It was a crushing explosion of riffs, groovy basslines and punchy percussion. The Rezner are one of the most exciting bands I have seen in recent months and I am sure they are going to cause a stir this summer. Keep your eyes and ears open for these renegades.

The Rezner Cornwall
Redley Flowerdew of The Rezner by Kieran Webber

The sold out show provided evidence that there is a strong music scene building in Cornwall, people are willing to come out and pay for live music and top quality bands exist in this often forgotten county. Venues like The Old Bakery are incredibly important especially in a county like Cornwall, it was great to see so many out and enjoying themselves. Each band gave it their all and provided a unique pallet of sounds and energy, it was overall a stellar night.

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