By Dale Platt

In the year or so since the release of the band’s sophomore EP ‘Beyond The Beacons’ receiving considerable attention, Inherit The Stars spent the best part of 2015 touring alongside seasoned acts such as Funeral For A Friend and We Are The Ocean. With the arrival of Marc Wragg on drums, the band have kicked off 2016 with their new single, ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’.

From the opening onslaught of throat shredding vocals and crunching riffs, the track melts into something more melodic with an anthemic chorus, grooving bass and even a dash of synth to boot. Considering the song’s subject revolves around doing whatever is necessary to achieve your dreams – the subtle shift almost captures the subject of the song in a metaphorical way. As the heavier parts almost capture the punishing work of working towards your goal with the melodic breakdowns representing the euphoria of finally achieving them. There is a great deal of accomplished songwriting already in play, and will undoubtedly be the start of something great.

Having thrown around hints of new releases and tours to come throughout the year, Inherit The Stars is band emerging from its dawn. If there is one band to watch over the coming months, it would be hard to find a more promising example.

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