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We caught up with Norwegian rockers to chat about their new album, coronavirus and streakers!

Put February 12th in your calendar because that’s when Death by Unga Bunga unleash their new album ‘Heavy Male Insecurity’. Hot on the heels of singles ‘Trouble’, ‘Not Like the Others’ and ‘Egocentric’, the Norwegian band are ready to release their album of songs about male ego, love, friendship and everything in between.

We spoke to them recently about the album, beer and their spaghetti western. Read on to hear about your new favourite band.

Luke: Let’s start with the obvious I guess, how has coronavirus affected you guys?

DBUB: It stopped all of our plans basically. We had some festivals lined up we’ve dreamt about playing for years, like Roskilde. Lost some money etc etc. But could be worse. We’re still healthy. We finished the new album. That’s good. And we ended up making the maddest live stream ever made during the summer. We named it «Death By Unga Bunga – Once Upon A Time In Deadwood City”. A live-streamed spaghetti western with shootouts and explosions combined with us playing a rock show. Hard to explain. Has to be seen. It ended up being the biggest production we’ve done so far.

Luke: What’s your plan for when this is all over?

DBUB: Start gigging again. There’s so much we’ve had to cancel or postpone so we are eager to get loud and crowded again. Will hopefully be total madness when it’s safe to do so again. All this tension and energy bottled up. It might get nasty.

Luke: Where does the name come from and how did you decide on it?

DBUB: We found it on a CD-cover by the band The Mummies. A legendary garage punk band from California. We thought it sounded and looked cool so we went for that. A couple of years later we found out that it’s the punchline in some dirty joke. Or from a scene in Family Guy. The reference list goes on. We didn’t know that. We just stole it from one of our favourite bands.

Luke: What is the writing process for you?

DBUB: We live our lives. Either by going to the pub or hiking to the top of one of our favourite local mountains or break up with girlfriends. Whatever needed to get inspired. Then we make fools of ourselves or observe others being idiots. Analyze it. Pen it down. Get together in our rehearsal/studio space.  Riff it out. Record it. Sounds killer. Cool! Call the Swedes at Spotify HQ. Tell them they can have it and “No no Johan and Clas, don’t you dare to try paying anything for it”. Repeat.

Check the video for lead single ‘Egocentric’ here:

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Luke: What song would you pick to introduce people to the band?

DBUB: “Not Like The Others”. One of the singles from our upcoming album. Rumour has it that “it slaps!”

Luke: What’s the music scene like in Norway? Is there anyone we should be looking out for?

DBUB: There’s talent but if you know of Death By Unga Bunga you should be covered.

Luke: What are your main influences?

DBUB: The old big ones to the new nasty ones. From Beach Boys to Amyl & The Sniffers.

Luke: What are you listening to at the moment?

DBUB: The latest record from The Lemon Twigs. Been giving that a lot of plays. Also The Black Lips released a country-esque album last year that’s pretty cool.

Luke: You’ve released your own beer, what brought this about?

DBUB: Not only is this beer the best tasting for our personal palate. It is also a lot cheaper if you have your name on it!

Luke: Do you still get the same feeling when you release an album?

DBUB: Anxiety? Stress? A growing fear of not being good enough and why am I doing this? Thinking about that guitar solo I wish I recorded just “one more time”? Yes, it’s all still there.

Luke: What can we expect from your upcoming album ‘Heavy Male Insecurity’?

DBUB: The theme is male insecurity. About trying to be good enough and tough/man enough, but ending up taking it too far and looking like a fool. All wrapped up in some slick guitar licks and banging tunes.

Luke: Lastly, we like to end on a story and I imagine you guys have a few to share! Tell us something funny or gnarly that has happened to you guys on tour or in the studio?

DBUB: It’s not really a story but more an issue we’ve had this last year. With no touring or gigging in 2020 we’ve spent a lot of time together in the studio. We also packed up our recording gear and set it up in a remote cabin for a whole week recording the guitars. Which was nice and all. The thing is that we record all the drums first. After that the drummer is done. But of course he has to join us and be part of the remaining sessions of the recording. And with nothing to do. Well. He gets drunk. And that’s fine. Totally normal. But he’s lately found big pleasure in getting naked and running around when he’s drunk. Like those streakers at football games. So recording the guitars on this record has been tough now with a streaker in the band. But we got the job done.

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